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June 8, 2006

Click the images below to see full-size screens from the game. (Make sure you resize when you open these images. They are large, but show the great attention to detail.)

The 2nd FJ Regiment attempts to seize the Corinth Canal.

The 5th New Zealand Infantry Brigade faces down German armor at Platamon.

Freshly landed Italian parachute forces recover cohesion and move on Maleme airfield in this fictional scenario. Elsewhere on the map German FJs land to take Khania.

Hoping to prepare a morning surprise for the Italians, the Greek commander uses the cover of a rainy night to reposition his 65mm field guns closer to the river.

At 08:43 on 20 May 1941 the air assault on Crete is in full-swing. German objectives include Maleme airfield, Souda Bay, Khania, and they must exit troops off-map toward Reythymnon to assist parachute forces in that sector.

In 1941, a nighttime commando raid kicks off the Allied attempt to re-take Malta in this "what-if" scenario.


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June 8, 2006