The History Behind the Game.

Mussolini inspires the troops

The Greco-Italian War

In 1940, Italy tried to assert its place as a full "partner" with Hitler's Germany. Mussolini's forces mustered along the border of Greece, ready to invade. The Greeks, inspired with a nationalistic fervor, stood ready to fight it out in the mountainous terrain of their home.

Panzers to the Parthenon

Operation Marita - Germany Invades Greece
Part 1 and Part 2

Hitler's plans for the invasion the Soviet Union required that the Balkans be subdued. This meant finishing what Mussolini started - the taking of Greece. Commonwealth and British forces were sent to aid the Greeks and got caught up in their own fight for survival.

Hunters from the sky

Operation Merkur - Germany Invades Crete

J.F.C. Fuller, the acclaimed military historian and British General said, "Of all the operations of the war, in audacity the air assault on Crete tops the list. Nothing like it had been attempted before, and nothing quite like it has been attempted since."

The thorn in Rommel's side

Operation Herkules - Malta Fictional Scenario

As Rommel vied for the upper hand in North Africa, his supply lines across the Mediterranean were under constant threat from British air and sea bases on Malta. German plans to take Malta never came to be, but now you can command a battle that may well have swung the balance of power - and the outcome of the war.


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June 8, 2006