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In all, Conquest of the Aegean offers more than 25 new features and enhancements including major changes to the game engine and an even more detailed and realistic recreation of WWII combat. For those familiar with the Airborne Assault series, read about these new features in this section.

Game Overview

New to wargaming? New to Airborne Assault? COTA is built on the revolutionary Airborne Assault game system, which features pausable continuous time combat simulation. The game's unique command and control structure allows you to assume the role of overall commander issuing high-level orders while retaining the ability to control individual companies and platoons at critical moments. Learn more about Airborne Assault and COTA in this section.


Game developer Dave O'Connor answers questions about the development of COTA including design goals, breaking with the past, developing a realistic supply system and more. Read on for insights into cutting edge game design.


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COTA now available at Matrix Games.

June 8, 2006